Whether you are an independent financial adviser or you run a firm of advisers, RetireEasy LifePlan Professional has many tangible benefits.

Below we list some of these benefits from easy client-understanding to highly visual retirement modelling.

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Manage and log activity


RDR ready activity log

You can view an activity log which shows the activity on a client's account meaning you can provide solid evidence of services rendered.

Activity can range from:

  • Creating a plan for a client
  • Reviewing or Editing a plan
  • Client activity (if you provide them with access to the plan)
  • Generating a client report from a plan
  • Downloading an export of data entered or a spreadsheet of the plan itself

The dates of all edits and updates are automatically archived and readily accessible to meet RDR review obligations.

Manage adviser portfolios

If you run a firm of advisers, you can manage adviser portfolios. This includes, being able to reassign a client to another adviser if required.

Access anywhere on PC or tablet

Leading-edge web technology

RetireEasy LifePlan Professional is hosted on the cloud so it is accessible anytime from any computer. There is no need to download software, LifePlan Professional just works whether you are at your desk, at home or with a client.

iPad compatible

LifePlan Professional has been designed so that you can use it on the go using a tablet PC such as an iPad. Simply access the website as you normally would to get the optimised iPad experience (you don't need to download an app or anything like that).

PC or Mac?

It doesn't matter to us. You can use RetireEasy LifePlan Professional no matter what operating system you use, whether it is Windows or Mac based. This makes LifePlan Professional ideal for when you meet clients in their homes as you have the choice to use your tablet or notebook laptop or even use the client's computer.


Easy to use and intuitive


Creating plans is easy

We've developed LifePlan Professional with financial advisers to ensure a smooth, logical and intuitive user experience from creating a LifePlan and entering the necessary financial data right through to generating reports and updating LifePlans.

It doesn't matter how complex or simple your client's financial situation is, LifePlan Professional can cater for them.

No training required

As well as being intuitive, we have also provided tooltips throughout the LifePlan screens and a glossary to help guide you when you're unsure of what to enter.

Webinars are however available upon request where we will be more than happy to discuss a specific scenario or requirement with you.

Proven & respected product

RetireEasy LifePlan has already achieved acclaim in press reviews from the likes of Investors Chronicle, The Independent, The Mail on Sunday, Which?Money and IFAonline.

Flexible subscription

Affordable monthly subscription

With LifePlan Professional the billing model is very simple. You pay £75 per adviser if there are 1 to 4 advisers in a firm. If there are more 10 advisers in a firm the cost is £60 per adviser. You can reduce or increase the number of advisers at any time.

No premium for client connectivity

You can give your clients access to edit and update (or even initially populate) their plans at any time and at no additional cost.

Unlimited clients for each adviser

Each adviser can add and manage an unlimited number of clients for no extra cost.

Cancel anytime

Should you ever wish to stop using LifePlan Professional at any point, you can do so without notice. As there are no contracts there is no minimum term.


Rebranding available

Custom branding for your LifePlan Connect?

Do you want be able to customise your advisors and client's RetireEasy LifePlan experience with your own brand such as logo and colours?

Your client's LifePlan could look like the below example:

Rebranding to your company