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Frequently asked questions

Q. I am an independent financial adviser - is this RetireEasy LifePlan suitable for me?

Yes! LifePlan Professional can either be used by individual advisers or by a firm containing many advisers.

Q. Does this RetireEasy LifePlan keep up to date with latest income tax legislation?

Yes! We keep LifePlan regularly updated to reflect the latest income tax legislation and keep you regularly notified of any updates.

Q. Can I add unlimited clients on here?

Yes! You can create as many plans / clients as you wish on here.

Q. Can I give my clients access to edit or populate their own plans?

Yes! You can choose to give your clients full access to their own plan or alternatively you can opt for read-only or no access if you prefer.

Q. Can I generate my own reports for clients from RetireEasy LifePlan?

Yes! You can generate a word document report that contains all of the relevant charts and data. You can then customise this to include your own branding and your own written summary and recommendations