RetireEasy is an easy-to-use online application which enables you and your clients to plan, visualise and manage their finances throughout retirement.

Below we explain how it all works from adding clients to running reports and managing their LifePlans

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Creating clients and plans is easy.

Add unlimited clients

On your client dashboard you can add a new client using a very simple form containing some basic questions about the client. There are no limits on how many clients can be added to the account of each registered adviser. Pricing is per adviser, rather than per client.

Full control over client access

You decide what level of access you want to give to each client. You can grant full access to individual clients enabling them to log-in and edit their assets and liabilities and generate reports, collaboratively with you. Alternatively for some clients you may decide only read-only or even no access is more appropriate.

Entering client details in a snap

Enter client details through our 7 guided and intuitive sections including:

  • Personal information & desired income
  • Home - Including mortgages and second homes
  • Pension & drawdown plans
  • Assets & investments
  • Debts & loans
  • Income & annuities
  • Expected and planned expenditure

No matter how simple or complex their financial arrangements, we have it covered, including pension contributions and income leading up to retirement.


Powerful reporting tools

Helpful charts

Our powerful chart and visualisation tools make it effortless for you to track and plan finances with your clients throughout their retirement.

You can choose how simple or detailed you want the charts to be: they are totally adaptable and flexible to your needs.

This helps you build an accurate, immediate picture of your client's retirement enabling you to model a variety of scenarios both in future and today's values.

Data exports

If you prefer, you can always choose to print a schedule of the data in tabular format or download an excel spreadsheet.

One-click reporting

You can generate a report containing your client's charts and data at the click of a button from your client management dashboard. The report is in word document format, so can easily be customised by you to include a logo, a summary and your recommendations for the client.

Automatic & accurate

Intelligent automation

RetireEasy LifePlan does all of the hard work by calculating everything from income tax (the system is regularly updated to reflect current tax rates) to calculating the impact that inflation and income (growth) will have on retirement plans.

Accurate calculations

As the saying goes, fast is fine, but accuracy is everything. RetireEasy LifePlan prides itself on the accuracy of the calculations, so you and your clients can relax safe in the knowledge that you are getting a true picture of their retirement plan.

All calculation methodologies have been independently verified and reviewed by financial experts.

RDR ready

The dates of all edits and updates are automatically archived and readily accessible to meet RDR review obligations.

Manage clients with ease

With RetireEasy LifePlan Professional you get access to a sophisticated dashboard that enables you to view and manage all clients quickly and with ease.