RetireEasy Features

Below you can see a comparison of features available to LifePlan users


Wholly independentTick
IFA ApprovedTick
Safe and SecureTick
Great Customer Service and e-mail supportTick
Tooltips, Glossary and FAQsTick
Intuitive and Easy to UseTick


Ability to Plan the Whole of Your RetirementTick
Can be updated at any timeTick
Takes Account of Pensions, Assets, Incomes, Debts and ExpensesTick
Ability to Plan future Pensions Contributions pre-RetirementTick
Automatically calculates income taxTick
Automatic updates for new Tax Rates and Pension RulesTick
Snapshot Alert shows when funds run outTick
Enables User to adjust plans to ensure funds last (see case studies)Tick
Snapshot Instantly shows Effect of Edits and UpdatesTick

Reports and Forecasts

Comprehensive Charts Showing Assets and Income throughout Retirement YearsTick
All Forecast in Future AND Current ValuesTick
Downloadable Spreadsheets for Input and ForecastsTick

For Couples Account Only

Allocate assets between partnersTick
Allocate income between partnersTick
Dual Tax tablesTick
Provides for different retirement and pension datesTick
Amalgamates partners' details for combined charts and forecastsTick